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No Longer Will You Suffer From An Unfaithful Spouse

Have you been receiving a lot of unknown calls on your phone? Do you think that someone is trying to prank you,or even worse maybe scam you, and you want to know who that person is? A countless number of people are constantly experiencing problems like these and not few are the times that I have as well. However,in case you are looking for simple yet effective ways to find out some information about the caller, such as their name, then look no further as we will discuss below how to do just that.

First of all, regarding landline phones, the possible techniques to find out a caller’s ID from your device are limited. For example you could dial *57 right after the end of the call. Pay attention though as you are only allowed to use this feature in case of having received threatening phone calls and as a result a law enforcement agency will have to be involved later on.

cheaterGiven the fact that the phone call was not threatening or anything like that, then you can sometimes learn more information about it by looking it up on the internet. For example there are many sites like which may give out vital info about a call like the caller’s name just by putting the phone number in the boxes provided. However, this doesn’t work every time, as sites like this one are based on people’s feedback and it may not be correct at times. Furthermore the feedback provided most of the time is about which numbers belong to marketing companies. This means that if your calls were from such companies then you may have luck but if not then you may not be able to find anything useful at all.

The approach we just mentioned will work on mobile phones as well.Simply write the number that called you in the right boxes of the site and you will get a result. Don’t forget however that, what we pointed out previously about the feedback issues and so applies here too, as is is the same technique.

Another procedure you can follow in order to find out who the number that called you belongs to, is to install an app in your phone (like NumberGuru or TrueCaller) which aids in doing that. If you have applications like these installed on your mobile device, then the next time you receive an unknown phone call you will know about the most important information concerning it, such as the location of the caller, their phone provider and occasionally their name – although I cannot guarantee you that, due to the fact that it depends on certain criteria like the phone being a unknown number.

All in all, next time you want to find out more about a call you just had you should remember that you live in an era of technological advancement, where almost nothing is impossible.

Healthy versus problematic relationships


Every individual goes through life by making or entering into various types of relationships. However, inspite of being in relationships, not everyone has mastered the art of healthy relationships. Most people do go through problematic relationships. The reasons for it are that they are unaware of how to handle and nurture a good relationship.

Handling conflicts – what needs to be done

People are different and hence there will always be conflicts. There are always disagreements which arise due to different environments the persons are raised in, their nature, their experiences as well as their mental state. If one is able to handle disagreements one is able to sail through relationships.

Here are a few points to handle conflicts.

  1. Understanding of each other’s background : People need to understand the background and how conflicts were managed in the other person’s family. There are families that communicated and resolved conflicts and so the children grew in expressing themselves in times of conflict. However, if the families did not communicate or resolve their differences, the children learnt to bottle up their feelings unless there it became too much and then there would be an outburst.
  2. Timing : There is a timing to resolve conflicts. It is not necessary that conflicts need to be settled immediately as partners in the relationship would need time to cool off before they could be able to understand or agree to the other person’s point of view. During the cooling off period it is important not to say hurtful stuff to the partner as that hurts the relationship and the wound remains long after the conflict has been resolved.
  3. Establishing an atmosphere of support : The differences of each person needs to be accepted. Each person needs to accept and understand the way the partner cares and expresses their love and try not to confine them to ways and means in which the other person wants it to be expressed.
  4. Distinguish between things that are wants and those that are needs : There is a difference between needs and wants. This needs to be understood. A partner can probably satisfy all the needs of their partner however all their wants may never be satisfied.
  5. Clarify your message : Messages need to be clear. The partner needs to be explicit and not be vague. All vague terms may not be understood. However, if one is clear about what one wants and express it properly, the other person would know and comply.
  6. Discuss one thing at a time : At times of disagreements it is necessary to work out only the issue at hand without bringing up old grievances or concerns. These would only prolong and increase the argument and hurt feelings.
  7. Really listen : One needs to really listen to their partner to understand what is it the partner is trying to say. One needs to listen without barriers to communication like interrupting or focusing on what the response should be rather than focusing on what is being said.

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